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Edible Oil ERP
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Edible Oil ERP
  • Raw Material Purchase
  • Weigh Bridge
  • Warehouse & Production
  • Quality Control (Lab)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Export
  • Store
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Accounts
  • Depot Management
  • Import High Sea Trading
  • Administrator
Raw Material Purchase
  • PerfectERP can handle mandi purchase / unregistered dealer purchase (URD) / gate buying / commission agent purchase / motor cut purchase.
  • Exclusively separate module for rice bran purchase is developed.
  • Provision of purchase contract passing and delivery due date extension.
  • Auto calculation of quality deduction, cash discount, gunny bag and rate difference.
  • Bill pass advice can be generated by single click automatically (rate, freight condition , quality condition, gunny bag condition from contract), weight from weigh bridge, lab deduction from lab data.
  • Auto calculation of brokerage amount.
  • Various document register, pending contract, pending freight, contract ledger are already there and any report can be developed.
Weigh Bridge
  • Weigh bridge can be linked with PerfectERP so that no one will feed the weight manually i.e. no error in feeding and all parameters like party bill weight or received weight whichever is less all such type of conditions are already there.
  • Public weight option is also there.
  • In the case of dispatch by rake by issue of single token weighment of more than one vehicle can be done.
  • Weightment report for auto and manual weighment is there.
  • In the case of dispatch / raw material purchase it is possible more than one contract or more than one party material in one vehicle the weighment is manage in one weighment slip.
Warehouse & Production
  • Daily consumption / production entry for different plants.
  • Production entries linked with bill of materials.
  • Seed oil recovery reports based on QC inputs.
  • Capturing of details of packing department.
  • Capturing of stock movements in and between plants and godown’s
  • Special daily MIS.
  • Weight variance between standard and actual weight dispatch in case of consumer pack.
  • Raw, process, finished, trading stock can be maintained.
  • Packing plan is also available.
Quality Control (LAB)
  • Raw material quality parameters can be set with commercial quality deduction detail is linked with goods received note (GRN).
  • Auto calculation of deductions / premium amount at the time of purchase bill passing as per the conditions defined in purchase contract.
  • Maintenance store, packing material and process material quality parameters can also be linked with GRN
  • Every hour production process quality control can be monitor with PerfectERP.
  • Quality report can print with GRN.
Sales & Marketing
  • Local, consignment, out of state, export, depot stock transfer, and depot sale can be maintained in PerfectERP.
  • Sale order booking, contracts and delivery orders can be maintained.
  • Passing / cancellation of sales order, delivery order by sales executive is maintained.
  • At the time of preparation of delivery orders and invoice credit limit is maintained.
  • Consumer rate configuration master is developed for change in packing so that sale rate will be automatically calculated, nobody can change the rate in delivery order and invoice.
  • Freight payment control -
    Own Account , Party Account
  • Rake dispatch management is available.
  • Sale patti, remittance and Insurance is also maintained.
  • Auto calculation of brokerage amount.
  • Sales man / sales executive wise / region wise and level wise reports are maintained.
  • Graphical reports of various sales item group/ sales region/ product across the financial year are available.
  • Sales scheme are also available.
  • As soon as Invoice is prepared auto SMS to buyer and broker is delivered.
  • Auto Email at the time of invoice preparation is available.
  • Sample, export Order, L.C., Performa Invoice, advance receipt, shipper Contract , container booking, Pre shipment Invoice, commercial invoice can be feed in PerfectERP.
  • Sale order booking, contracts and delivery orders can be maintained.
  • Passing / cancellation of export order by sales executive is maintained.
  • Currency master is their so export order can be input in any currency.
  • Local agent commission bill, oversea agent commission bill, shipping agent bill , CHA bill can be input in PerfectERP.
  • Indent, enquiry, quotation, quotation comparison, purchase order, material receipt note (GRN), bill pass advice, freight voucher, material issue, non returnable gate pass data feeding with passing, technical passing or cancellation is available.
  • Tracking of issues of material to plant, is maintained section wise such a way that one can see the consumption record department wise as well as section wise.
  • Minimum, maximum stock level, stock aging analysis, non moving items report can be generated.
  • Store items can be categoriesed in three levels so that anybody cans analyse consumption, receipt and closing stock.
Repair & Maintenance
  • Requisition, returnable gate pass, work order, material receipt note, bill pass advice, freight voucher, material issue, data feeding with passing or cancelation is available.
  • Tracking of material outside factory for repairing.
  • Routine fault and repair are controled by unique complain no. and track of time taken is there.
  • Auto SMS to the departmental head as soon as fault complain is registered.
  • Cash, bank, Journal voucher, RTGS voucher, cheque printing, bank reconciliation, general ledger, sub ledger / accounts receivables / payables, freight payment voucher link with GRN.
  • Bill wise outstanding receivable/ payable.
  • Provisional voucher, provisional profit & loss and balance sheet can be generated.
  • Sundry debtor’s automatically change to advance from supplier if credit balance.
  • Sundry creditor’s automatically change to advance to supplier if debit balance.
  • Deprecation chart as per income tax act, company act ( reducing balance method, straight line method) can be generated.
  • Stock valuation FIFO method, average rate method etc. are their.
  • TDS, VAT, Excise , Service Tax department related all reports are already developed.
Depot Management
  • Live data of depot are available and saved on central server.
  • Depot indent, depot material receipt note, contract, invoice, fresh goods stock, damage goods stock, outstanding receipts, Contract register, outstanding contract are maintained.
  • Auto reconciliation of dispatch from factory and receipt at depot is their.
Import & High Sea Trading
  • Import order, L.C., commercial invoice, bill of entry, vessel unloading detail, port dispatch detail can be feed in PerfectERP.
  • CHA Expenses, tanks storage charges, surveyor expenses, FLG & FLC syndication charges can be calculated as per contract.
  • L.C. Expenses automatically calculated as per negotiation with the bank and a variance report can be generated between actual debited by bank and calculated as per negotiation with bank.
  • Storage tank wise stock, vessel wise stock, bill of entry wise stock is also their.
  • Buyer credit limit master is their so one can generate the bank FDR interest and FDR gap against $ variance.
  • Imported material landed cost per ton inclusive of all expenses (LC opening charges, FLC.
  • Commission, FLG commission, swift charges, L.C. Interest, role over interest, CHA exp., surveyor exp. tank storage, FLC and FLG syndication charges etc.)
  • Various registers like import order, L.C. , commercial invoice, vessel unloading , port dispatch, outstanding L.C. for payment, outstanding import order for L.C., L.C. payment register, L.C. role over can be generated.
  • High sea sale contract, delivery order, invoice, lifting, payment receipt can be maintained in ERP.
  • High sea purchase contract, commercial invoice, Bill of entry , Lifting, Payment can be maintained.
  • Various registers and outstanding reports can be generated.
  • Any MIS can be developed.
  • Auto backup.
  • User wise security management.
  • Transaction log show the user wise data feeding, approval, cancelation volume for the period.
  • PerfectERP has a very robust security management system to control access by users. User access can be restricted by the management themselves.
  • PerfectERP supports multiple factories, branches, depot.
  • For companies doing both extraction and refining, own fleet, tin plant, gatta plant, bottle and jar plant, we have an integrated version handling both extraction processes and refining processes.
  • Balance auto carry forward to next financial year.